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In 2016, the University of Virginia Career Center, with seed funding from the Parents Fund, launched the Public Service and Government Career Community: a team dedicated to supporting students’ career interests in these fields.

Your contribution will support exciting programs, events, and extended opportunities for students interested in Public Service & Government. UVA Career Communities, including the Public Service & Government Community, connect students to specific tailored industry resources, opportunities, and programs. No donation is too small – every bit counts towards helping the Career Center inspire and empower UVA students!

The Career Center serves all 16,000 undergraduate students at the University of Virginia. UVA Students who come to us get trustworthy guidance for every stage of their journey – whether it’s figuring out what they really want to do, choosing a major, gaining work experience, or preparing for their first interview. We provide a wide array of programs and services to empower students to take ownership of their continuous career development process. Career programs are also a great way to actively explore current career topics and develop skills to effectively and efficiently achieve individual career goals.

  • 10,000+ Students Appointments
  • 800+ Career Events
  • 16,000+ Engaged Students
  • 10,000+ Jobs posted for UVA Students
  • 8,500+ Employers Posted Jobs
  • 7,000+ On Grounds Interviews